My work is original, abstract and contemporary with dosage of figura. It contains images that come to me, either before the start of the painting, or as I see them after the art piece has already been made, and that is the point when I name my paintings. The image becomes clearer. For example, like in my ‘Unexpected Shapes’ category.

Last couple of years I have enjoyed painting waterlilies and water generally. Flora flows through my work. Fauna pops in occasionally, so do landscapes.

Paintings come to me in the moment, rarely planned, mostly from my imagination or dreams. It is expressionist line that flows in most of my art. My work is in a vivid color, an emotional explosion. Many times canvas is used over and over again creating texture in my work.

Using acrylics as they come and paintbrushes just to scrape out the paint left at the bottom. My hands, and occasionally palette knives are the main tool in my work.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as I did creating them.